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Exquisite culinary fare personalized for your in-home event. 

Cajun, Creole and other types of cuisine prepared traditionally, given a lighter makeover or customized for your dietary needs.

Whether dinner for two or more (up to 50 guests),

meal prep, weekly meal service, cooking lessons, dinner parties

or a special event in your home, 

it's our pleasure to partner with you to make your event memorable. 

Let O-Cajuns add a spicy flair to your next event!

Laissons passes le bon temp, bon ami!

Uploaded images and recipes are the intellectual property solely of O-Cajuns LLC 



Signature Services

Signature services include parties (i.e., launch parties, anniversary, birthday, Super Bowl, jewelry parties, painting parties); cooking lessons and techniques; Dinner & A Movie, bridal/baby showers, in-store cooking demos and, as seasons permit, al fresco dining baskets for outdoor concerts and events.

We also partner with realtors

to offer a housewarming

for their clients.

Let O-Cajuns add a distinctive

touch to your open house!

We also have the best cookies, cakes and desserts you've ever tasted.



About Chef Steph

O-Cajuns was birthed out of my passion to share the French, Spanish and African culinary experience that is uniquely Louisiana. I hope to communicate my cultural heritage, enriched by both Creole and Cajun influences, 

in the universal language of food.  

My motto is

"In Louisiana, if we love you, we feed you 

and if we feed you, we love you!"


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